November 12, 2011

The Fenngineer

So... Fenngineer. What does it mean? Well, Fenngineer is a play on words. Combining the school I currently attend, with my major. That is, Cleveland State University's Fenn College of Engineering with, well, Engineering (mechanical).

So what do I plan to write about? My thoughts generally. Thoughts about what though?

Engineering, video games, technology, nerdy, dorky, geekyness. Stuff I hate, stuff I love.

So why start writing now? Well, mostly, I have gotten a smart phone (or as I like to call them in a story I once wrote, Ultra Super Smart Phones). More specifically, I have gotten an HTC Evo Shift 4G. But, when playing with the phone, I found a blogger app, which I thought would allow me to read the blog I subscribe too. But when I found out that I can use it to write posts, well then I decided that there was a better place to store random thoughts than on Facebook.

So I find my self blogging now. But we'll see how long this keeps me interested and not bored really.

So why start babbling in a blog? Well, mainly so I don't annoy people on Facebook about the random big thoughts that I have. Twitter is great for such random thoughts. I like to think of it as micro blogging. But when I require more explaination, then I run out of options. So here I can put my lengthy thoughts down on keyboard and continue on my day.

I need a place to dump my thoughts before they build up into a kidney stone of the brain.

So a quick background on the Author?

Name's Alex, Intern. Currently studying mechanical engineering at Cleveland State University's Fenn College of Engineering. I've got a Girlfriend (GFy) of 2.75 years who goes to Case. I've got awesome friends, and terrible spelling. I'm a pisces, and my hobbies include everything that will be mentioned in this blog.

So that's the end of the intro.

Enjoy world.

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