February 17, 2014

Saturday Night Star Wars Recap

A "quick" summary of last session. The Alpha mission was left on a cliff hanger and they flash backed to the beginning of their careers with the Rebellion. The first time they worked together as a team (3 years prior).

They were sent ahead of the Nebulon B the Blackhawk (yes, the same Blackhawk from the ice planet, about 4 years in the future) to scout a mysterious debris field that was picked up by the Blackhawk's scanners.

When they arrived in their Y-wings they found an Imperial Star Destroyer completely thrashed to bits by some unknown force. From the bridge of the Star Destroyer a distress signal was being emitted and they were ordered to turn it off. They approached half of the split bridge and noticed that the life support was cut off. The team donned their space suits and with 1 hour of air (1 hour of real life time, not simulated, in-game time) entered the wrecked bridge.

Now, I would like to point out at this time the Wookie's R2 unit was damaged after a collision with some debris while entering the debris field. After repairing him, he was using the R2 to help navigate the zero G environment inside the bridge.

They split up to investigate the bridge. Loffy went through the front of the bridge, through main hallways and control rooms. Anya found herself in the back-of-house area of the bridge with security, ship systems, etc. Crystal went into a large mechanical/electrical space filled with wiring and ductwork. Anya discovered bodies in a closed room in the back of house area, figuring that what ever happened to this ship probably happened quickly. Crystal was able to follow some emergency power conduits and discover the emergency generator room. While Loffy was making his way over there, Anya proceeded to unlock the door leading to the EGR. While doing so, she managed to activate a tamper switch which deployed 6 spherical security droids in the EGR, which split up. Two down maintenance tunnels, two towards the hallway with Anya and Loffy, and two out another exit. At this point there was probably 15 minutes of air left.

During the ensueing fight, Loffy's air tank took a hit and lost 5 minutes of air, along with his R2 being caught up in the explosion of one of the droids. This too the Wookie was able to fix. Crystal had a little harder time, though only fighting a single droid. He managed to just run away, even though his glowrod was hit and left with only the heat signature of the conduit to follow. Anya was able to quickly shut down the generator and book it back to the ships.

Loffy was the first to make it back, with seconds of air left in his tank. Where he found the two droids who took a different exit waiting for them. He quickly hopped into his Y-wing and noticed that the droids had flown down and began messing with his engines. Crystal made it to where the ships were and he also hopped into his Y-wing. At this point Anya was still running down back to her ship when one of the droids from the maintenance tunnel popped out and was waiting for her by her Y-wing. The droids took a shot at her and hit some of the loose flooring underneath her and she was flung out into the debris field. Seeing her in trouble, Crystal fired up his Y-wing and took aim to capture her. Realizing his plan, Anya kicked and bounced off pieces of debris and righted herself so she practically fell into the copilots seat in the Y-wing.

The droids on the Wookie's ship were still reeking havoc on his engine (speed now reduced by 2). In a fit of wookie rage, and with a deep breath, Loffy clambered out of his ship with no air left in his tanks, and ripped the bothersome droids off his ship and hurled them into space. He managed to crawl back into the ship moments before he would have passed out. Once inside he realized something Anya and Crystal both missed. Outside of the debris field was now surrounded by Ties and another Star Destroyer.

With Anya's ship now being piloted by it's R2, the three Y-wings burst through the debris field and are engaged by two pairs of ties while they quickly have their R2s make astrogation checks. With no pilot to cloud the R2 unit in Anya's Y-wing, it quickly jumps into hyperspace after taking a few hits. Loffy is next to jump into hyperspace, but by the fur of his teeth. After taking damage from a pair of ties along with the Tie Interceptor that decided to join, his Y-wing was straining to stay together. Just before he was supposed to jump, the Interceptor takes aim and lets off a barrage. His R2 Unit, in a self sacrificing act, quickly makes some last repairs, soaking some of the damage, but in the process breaking free from the Y-wing just as it leap into hyperspace. With Anya and Crystal left, they dodge the incoming fire from the remaining ties and take off as well towards the rendezvous point indicated by the Blackhawk which had jumped near the debris field after the ambush was detected.