May 27, 2014

The Meek

In the deserts of Nevada there is a man trapped on top of a telephone pole calling for help. This man is Geoffry. After helping Geoffry off the pole, he offers them water and leads them to a large building in the middle of the desert.

The building is a data center covered in solar panels. It is quickly learned that Geoffry is part of a duo of Geoffry and Michael, a pair of IT specialists who are keeping the internet up and running. They've also discovered an aquifer beneath the data center, which has become the only source of clean water for the surrounding area.

Geoffry and Michael have become nerdy computer guys turned king pins. As money has become useless they've started trading the water for women and girls. Collecting them and trading their "services" for food and such.

One of the women captured is Ashley, captured by raiders. The raiders, who will raid nearby settlements and kidnap the women, traded her for water. The raiders will also trade their services in the form of protection of Geoffry and Michael.

The nerds would keep the raiders at bay by holding the aquifer hostage. Geoffry and Michael managed to obtain a heap of bodies who have died of the Rad Pox. They've suspended these bodies above the aquifer and have set up a remote switch that would drop the bodies into the water, effectively ruining it. By holding the only clean water supply in the surrounding 60 miles, Geoffry and Michael have become rulers of the area, and typically get what they want.

Geoffry and Michael
IT Specialists, Apocalyptic King Pins
Skilled: Manipulating the People, Tinkering, Good Cop/Bad Cop
Bad: Fighting, Being Humble
Stress: [ ] [ ] (each)

Desert Raiders (two dirt bags)I like to see it bleed, Drugged Senseless
Skilled: Fighting for a Cause, Beating People to Death
Bad: Running away, Prioritizing
Stress: [ ] [ ] (one each)

May 24, 2014

Welled Prophet

Welled Prophet - Fate Accelerated Scene

The City of Phil is populated with a bunch of people who are disciples of a religious figure known as Father Phil. 

Father Phil is located in the bottom of a well. He has become mutated and bits of him have started to "melt" and liquify. He gives sermons from the well and claims that he continues to live because God wants him to spread his message. He makes his disciples drink from the well, which consist of pink slimy fluid (The body and blood of Phil). This has caused the disciples to start showing signs or radiation sickness and slight mutations.

The disciples are starving while they take all their good food and give it to the Welled Prophet. They spend a lot of their time writing the words of Phil out. These disciples are very fanatic to their devotion to Phil. Father Phil is very jumpy to protect his congregation.

Father Phil

Leader of the City of Phil, Mutant Monster
Skilled: Preaching to the People
Bad: Fighting, 
Stress: [ ] [ ]

Phil's Disciples (x2)
Drones of Phil, Judgmental

Skilled: Following Orders
Bad: Fighting without a leader, thinking for themselves
Stress: [ ] [ ]

May 22, 2014

Minecraft World: AMALEX

This is the first multiplayer Minecraft server that I hosted. My fiance and I created the Village of AMALEX and some of my other friends created a distant city. This is where I'm archiving this Minecraft world so if I or anyone ever wants to revisit it then they can download it here.

Download the zip file here.

May 16, 2014

An Alternate History

Date: October 31, 2014

The Cold War never ended. At least, it hadn't 4 months ago....
On August 3, the world went to Hell in a hand basket. In an incredible effort, a Chechen terrorist group was able to seize control of the Rostov Nuclear Power Plant in the Southern USSR. There, under the guise of nuclear power, the USSR had been able to covertly add to their nuclear weapon stock piles and silos. On the next day, the Chechen leader issued an internet video ordering the USSR to release the 308 prisoners that have been associated with the terrorist group or their nuclear weapons would be turned against them. On August 9, the six secret silos attached to Rostov launched.

With no time to act, the first missile to reach its target hit Moscow. Another war head hit Rome. A third lands in the outskirts of Paris. A Fourth is destroyed above Israel. A Fifth was aimed at DC, but was diverted off course by the US Star Wars project. This war head landed in Frederick, the location of the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID).

The following volley of WMDs between different countries lasted for the next 48 hours. Tehran, Seattle, London, Kyiv, Tokyo, Beijing, these are just some of the cities that have become stories. It's argued though, that ensuing massive panic caused more damage across the world than the 26 nuclear war heads. But that was only during the first week after August 9, known as Rostov Day. 

A week after Rostov Day, reports flared up that in the American North East, thousands of people were becoming violently ill, and eventually succumbing to the sickness. This was soon linked to N6 which struck near USAMRIID, and was learned that some sort of super bug was released. Not only did this make you violently ill, it also presented similar symptoms to radiation sickness. The mortality rate was an astonishing 96%. The bug, nicknamed Rad Pox, spread like wild fire. 9 Days post Rostov Day, cases were reported on the American West coast. 16 days and the first confirmed case was found in Europe. Four months after Rostov Day, nearly 6.3 billion people died, including 98% of India. Quarantines and strong holds were set up to help survivors, but these were quickly over run by desperate people using desperate measures. 

Those who survived were either isolated from the rest of the world, extremely rich, or extremely lucky. 

Unfortunately, I'm only the first one.