May 27, 2014

The Meek

In the deserts of Nevada there is a man trapped on top of a telephone pole calling for help. This man is Geoffry. After helping Geoffry off the pole, he offers them water and leads them to a large building in the middle of the desert.

The building is a data center covered in solar panels. It is quickly learned that Geoffry is part of a duo of Geoffry and Michael, a pair of IT specialists who are keeping the internet up and running. They've also discovered an aquifer beneath the data center, which has become the only source of clean water for the surrounding area.

Geoffry and Michael have become nerdy computer guys turned king pins. As money has become useless they've started trading the water for women and girls. Collecting them and trading their "services" for food and such.

One of the women captured is Ashley, captured by raiders. The raiders, who will raid nearby settlements and kidnap the women, traded her for water. The raiders will also trade their services in the form of protection of Geoffry and Michael.

The nerds would keep the raiders at bay by holding the aquifer hostage. Geoffry and Michael managed to obtain a heap of bodies who have died of the Rad Pox. They've suspended these bodies above the aquifer and have set up a remote switch that would drop the bodies into the water, effectively ruining it. By holding the only clean water supply in the surrounding 60 miles, Geoffry and Michael have become rulers of the area, and typically get what they want.

Geoffry and Michael
IT Specialists, Apocalyptic King Pins
Skilled: Manipulating the People, Tinkering, Good Cop/Bad Cop
Bad: Fighting, Being Humble
Stress: [ ] [ ] (each)

Desert Raiders (two dirt bags)I like to see it bleed, Drugged Senseless
Skilled: Fighting for a Cause, Beating People to Death
Bad: Running away, Prioritizing
Stress: [ ] [ ] (one each)

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