May 24, 2014

Welled Prophet

Welled Prophet - Fate Accelerated Scene

The City of Phil is populated with a bunch of people who are disciples of a religious figure known as Father Phil. 

Father Phil is located in the bottom of a well. He has become mutated and bits of him have started to "melt" and liquify. He gives sermons from the well and claims that he continues to live because God wants him to spread his message. He makes his disciples drink from the well, which consist of pink slimy fluid (The body and blood of Phil). This has caused the disciples to start showing signs or radiation sickness and slight mutations.

The disciples are starving while they take all their good food and give it to the Welled Prophet. They spend a lot of their time writing the words of Phil out. These disciples are very fanatic to their devotion to Phil. Father Phil is very jumpy to protect his congregation.

Father Phil

Leader of the City of Phil, Mutant Monster
Skilled: Preaching to the People
Bad: Fighting, 
Stress: [ ] [ ]

Phil's Disciples (x2)
Drones of Phil, Judgmental

Skilled: Following Orders
Bad: Fighting without a leader, thinking for themselves
Stress: [ ] [ ]

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