June 20, 2014

Gaggle of Goons (#2)

The Good, The Bad, & The Undead

It's 1882 and in the little town of Brickwood, Colorado strange happenings have started to occur. Funny colors in the night sky, strange noises in the dark, and some of the townsfolk started to disappear. Some say it's the Comanche in the night. Others say these people just walk out on their own. The drunkard at the bar claims its a crazed medicine man, drawing these townsfolk out into the night. One thing's for sure though, anyone who's disappeared in the last weeks hasn't returned.

The Calvary Fort Lyon have recently arrived after the cries from the Brickwood Mayor were heard. The Mayor, Town Surgeon, and Town Banker all convened with the Calvary and strict rules and curfews were implemented. But people kept disappearing.

The Goons

Comanche Warrior (4 Warriors)
Bows & Arrows & Spears, War Cry
Skilled: Ambushing, Hunting
Bad: Being Ambushed, Attacking Outnumbered
Stress: [ ] [ ] (2 per box)

Wild West Bandit
Rusty Ol' Six Shooter, Saloon "Resident"
Skilled: Starting Trouble, Cheating
Bad: Finishing Trouble, Brains
Stress: [ ]

Zombie (4 Zombies)
Braaaiiins, Undead
Skilled: Getting Brains
Bad: Anything that requires a brain
Stress: [ ] [ ] (2 per box)

US Calvary (Soldier with Horse)
We've got Horses, Repeating Rifles, Army Trained
Skilled: Combat, Catching People
Bad: Improvising
Stress: [ ] [ ] (Only one box if not on horse)

Comanche Medicine Man
$tylish, Scary, "OO-EE-OO-AA-AA"
Skilled: Magic, Commanding the Comanche
Bad: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Dying
Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ]
TING-TANG WALLA-WALLA BING-BANG: Once per scene when the Medicine Man hits with a magic attack, the target gains the aspect "WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME?!".

Mad Surgeon
$tylish, Secretly Crazy, I Want to Know!
Skilled: Attacking With a Blade, Science and Anatomy
Bad: Ranged Combat, Self Control
Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ]
I Found Your Soft Spot: Once per scene when the Mad Surgeon hits with a physical attack, the target can not take the damage as stress.

June 19, 2014

Fate Accelerated Edition Finale

Bruce Campbell's condition has deteriorated in the last 24 hours. His wound he received at the data center has become infected. He needs to get to a properly staffed medical facility quickly or he'll quickly succumb to septic shock. Ashley states that they should press on to Holy Land, where she suspects Bruce can receive the care he requires.
During the night Bruce's wife Sheryl has become hysterical. Her husband has slowly been slipping in and out of consciousness and appears to be in great pain. She hit the bottle and in a drunken stupor contemplates the idea of a mercy killing/suicide. Luckily Leia is there to help calm her down and she devolves a contingency plan derived by Bruce before the drip began. "He told me, if anything ever happened to him that would slow me down from getting South, I was to leave him with his bottle of liquor and gun by a tree. He didn't want to be the reason we never made it to this Holy Land."
During this explanation, they are interrupted by noises just outside the fire light. Two mountain lions appear and begin to stalk the people outside and where ever Bruce is resting. Two more join in from the other direction....

As they approach the location of Holy Land they start to stumble into more and more dense suburbs and city scape. As they crest over another hill they can see a large white sign on a far hill that says "HO LY", remnants of the former HOLLYWOOD sign. Below it, streets and buildings filled with military tents and vehicles. A Blackhawk helicopter can be seen parked on top of what looks to be a hospital tower. A slight shimmer can be seen in the air around the area, not unlike heat waves coming off the pavement during the summer. As they approach, military barriers have been set up along the perimeter of the city. Tons of people can be seen crowding around trying to get in, but it doesn't look like anyone is being let it. Large high tech radio towers can be seen sporadically around this area behind the barriers.

Approaching the USNG troops stationed at the openings in the barriers, state that this is a restricted zone and nobody can enter the CZ. Conversation with the USNG trooper is occasionally interrupted by the sound of shots in the distance, presumably the troops dealing with someone trying to enter without authorization. A large military APC is stationed nearby to provide support if necessary. If the name "Bruce Campbell" is dropped in conversation, the USNG troops immediately send a runner out to get someone dressed in a suit to greet the company and immediately ushers them into the CZ (clean zone) and to the hospital. Once it is discovered that this Bruce Campbell isn't the "Actual" Bruce Campbell, the suited man (Ken Howard) orders the removal of them group from the compound and to "Put the old man out of his misery."

Click here for information on the foes incorporated in this session.

June 6, 2014

Gaggle of Goons (#1)

What is the Gaggle of Goons?

Gaggle of Goons is a series of posts where every week I will post a setting and six NPC foes you can run in your Fate Accelerated Edition game. With the Fate Accelerated not containing a large selection of NPCs to throw into you game, I decide it would be fun to start creating some and posting them online. Each batch of baddies will will be based on the setting posted and include Goons and $tylish Goons.

$tylish Goons

When normal baddies are too easy for your game, you can add some $tylish Goons. $tylish Goons are Goons that contain a special stunt which they can use during a scene. $tylish Goons will be denoted by having the aspect $tylish. The $tylish aspect lets the NPC use their stunt once per encounter. Examples of $tylish Goons can be found below.

Setting: Near Apocalyptic America

The Near Apocalyptic America setting is the setting which I am running my first Fate Accelerated Edition game. Information on this setting can be found here where I've previously posted a quick background for the players.

The Goons

Pack Animal (2 Animals)
I've Got Teeth and Claws, We Travel In Packs
Skilled: Biting and Clawing, Hunting You Down
Bad: Everything else
Stress: [ ] [ ] 

Raiders (4 Thugs)
Drugged Senseless, I Like To See It Bleed!
Skilled: Fighting for a Cause, Beating People to Death
Bad: Running away, Prioritizing
Stress: [ ] [ ] 

Doom's Day Cultist (4 Cultists)
Brainwashed, Passive Aggressive
Skilled: Following Orders,
Bad: Thinking for Themselves
Stress: [ ] [ ] 
US National Guard Bio-Hazard Troops (1 Troop)
$tylish, Full Kit, Ah-TEN-SHUN!
Skilled: Range Combat, Obeying Orders, Vigilance
Bad: Physical Combat, Chasing
Stress: [ ] [ ]
MEDIC!: Once per encounter, a USNG Bio-Hazard Trooper can call in a medic to heal one stress box of any NPC. 

Body Guard (2 Guards)
$tylish, Protect the Fat Cat, Lightly Armed
Skilled: Defending against an ambush, Close Quarters Combat
Bad: Offense, Tactical Movement
Stress: [ ] [ ]
Take the Hit: Once per encounter when a physical attack hits a Fat Cat NPC, and if it makes sense, a Body Guard can jump in an take the stress instead of the target.

Fat Cat
$tylish, I've Got the Money, Silver Tongue
Skilled: Negotiation, Having the Upper hand
Bad: Facing the Music,
Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Face Reader: Once per encounter a Fat Cat can automatically determine if a PC is trying to use sneaky to construct a lie.