June 6, 2014

Gaggle of Goons (#1)

What is the Gaggle of Goons?

Gaggle of Goons is a series of posts where every week I will post a setting and six NPC foes you can run in your Fate Accelerated Edition game. With the Fate Accelerated not containing a large selection of NPCs to throw into you game, I decide it would be fun to start creating some and posting them online. Each batch of baddies will will be based on the setting posted and include Goons and $tylish Goons.

$tylish Goons

When normal baddies are too easy for your game, you can add some $tylish Goons. $tylish Goons are Goons that contain a special stunt which they can use during a scene. $tylish Goons will be denoted by having the aspect $tylish. The $tylish aspect lets the NPC use their stunt once per encounter. Examples of $tylish Goons can be found below.

Setting: Near Apocalyptic America

The Near Apocalyptic America setting is the setting which I am running my first Fate Accelerated Edition game. Information on this setting can be found here where I've previously posted a quick background for the players.

The Goons

Pack Animal (2 Animals)
I've Got Teeth and Claws, We Travel In Packs
Skilled: Biting and Clawing, Hunting You Down
Bad: Everything else
Stress: [ ] [ ] 

Raiders (4 Thugs)
Drugged Senseless, I Like To See It Bleed!
Skilled: Fighting for a Cause, Beating People to Death
Bad: Running away, Prioritizing
Stress: [ ] [ ] 

Doom's Day Cultist (4 Cultists)
Brainwashed, Passive Aggressive
Skilled: Following Orders,
Bad: Thinking for Themselves
Stress: [ ] [ ] 
US National Guard Bio-Hazard Troops (1 Troop)
$tylish, Full Kit, Ah-TEN-SHUN!
Skilled: Range Combat, Obeying Orders, Vigilance
Bad: Physical Combat, Chasing
Stress: [ ] [ ]
MEDIC!: Once per encounter, a USNG Bio-Hazard Trooper can call in a medic to heal one stress box of any NPC. 

Body Guard (2 Guards)
$tylish, Protect the Fat Cat, Lightly Armed
Skilled: Defending against an ambush, Close Quarters Combat
Bad: Offense, Tactical Movement
Stress: [ ] [ ]
Take the Hit: Once per encounter when a physical attack hits a Fat Cat NPC, and if it makes sense, a Body Guard can jump in an take the stress instead of the target.

Fat Cat
$tylish, I've Got the Money, Silver Tongue
Skilled: Negotiation, Having the Upper hand
Bad: Facing the Music,
Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Face Reader: Once per encounter a Fat Cat can automatically determine if a PC is trying to use sneaky to construct a lie.

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