September 10, 2014

μStory: Coronets of the Cosmos

You find an ancient book, if you could call it a book, that is locked shut. Its stone pages are engraved in a long forgotten language resembling Dwarven.  As you delve into the writings, you can tell this book is thousands of years old.  It’s labeled The Coronets of the Cosmos and it reads…

*          *          *

Before the first age, in a forge so otherworldly that it could smelt the world, Five crowns were created by the Divine and Arcane. These crowns, known as the Coronets of the Cosmos, were bestowed upon the greatest beings of this newly created microcosm of the universe.

These five beings who bore the Coronets were tasked to tame this violent and viscous land into something survivable. With the power of the crowns of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Life they were able to tame the world and civilization grew.

These five beings soon were elected to rule the land, but none wanted the responsibility, stating that the crowns had made them weary. A single Emperor was chosen, and the Coronets of the Cosmos were bestowed upon him. He ruled for many years but it is said the Coronets started to change him

He became crazy and irrational. War broke out between villages and tribes. The Emperor no longer sane, but empowered by the crowns, continued to fight until the day he fell.

That day, a terrible cataclysm happened, and the Emperor and the Coronets of the Cosmos disappeared for ever.

*          *          *

As you finish reading, you remember a discussion you heard after hours in the school between a professor and a head master. A conversation that, if memory was kind to the old fools, you should have never heard.

When the Archmage tamed the Midland Sea way back when, it was the biggest news in the Dragon Empire. But rumor had it that not even the Archmage, for all the power he has, could tame something as wild and powerful as the Midland Sea. He must have needed some other source of power to do the task.

The conversation you could barely hear that day mentioned an object he might have used. It was called the Anima Maris, the Water Coronet.

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