November 25, 2014

13th Age Adventure Setup

One year ago, you and your friends ran into some trouble. A kobold name Nurf started organizing raiding parties, stealing fruits and vegetables from the small village of Saltsburg. Down on your luck and in desperate need for the reward money, you joined together to help the town end the kobold plight. In the end, Nurf was a coward, and dealing with him was easy. On top of the reward money, you also came upon some of Nurf's spoils, taking in hefty amount of coinage.

"That was easy." You all thought. "Maybe we could make money this way." There were boastful cheers of agreement. So searching for more opportunities and a better life, you set off to Glitterhagen, a town known for its commerce. There a small storefront was bought with the gold from your previous adventure, prime real estate for anyone looking to hire a company of adventurers. A proudly handmade sign swung from the iron hinges above the door.

But the dream quickly became a nightmare. With well established adventuring guilds getting most of the good paying work, you were soon forced to take any jobs that were willing to pay. Couple that with the exorbitant costs of living in the packed city, and soon you were hungry, sleeping in hammocks strung out in the back room of your store front. Then things got worse. What work they had dried up as fall started to creep by. With no more money left to pay the landlord, you soon found yourself without a place to sleep.

Winter would soon be here, and with no place in sight, you sold your handmade sign for what little gold it was worth and left Glitterhagen with only what you could carry. You traveled north, finally finding the sleepy village of Cinderton. There you spent all you had on rent for a small shack in the middle of the small village, where you returned to the task of finding work. Most of the work you did paid very little, chopping firewood for old ladies, cleaning the barn stalls at the small chapel, or scrubbing a chimney or two, allowing you to eat a couple of times a week.

Your grand plans of becoming an adventurer for hire seemed far away. That was until you heard the knock at the door.

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