May 4, 2015

Benjamin Oberon

Through a balcony opening, silhouetted by the rising sun, a shirtless man carefully strikes out with his fists and feet into the air. The bedroom to which the balcony was attached held the distressed bed with a passed out woman in it and a haze of spice smoke. Ben was centering himself from the lavish party he and his partners had on an almost nightly basis.

The galactic stock market was the source of debt and despair for most people, but those who were good at it thrived. Fortunes that could sustain nearly any vice could be amassed and the parties, sex, and spice were bountiful. For most, it was too much to resist, and Ben Oberon was no different. 

But Ben did better than most of his companions because of his Teräs Käsi practice which he ritually performed every morning. After the sickening nights, he used this self centering martial arts practice to regain his focus, allowing him to surpass his hung over peers. Taught to him by his late father, he's heard rumors that it was a martial arts used by some Jedi, but Ben has never really believed it. 

He got some of the best deals available to him, but soon they weren't going to be enough to keep up with his ever growing vices. Better drugs, more beautiful women, and more lavish parties required him to start becoming more creative with his ventures. Some under the table deals, some dirty deals and Ben was able to sustain. Until one of his deals went south, and the son of the leader of the  criminal syndicate he was working for got arrested. Now they're out for him, and they want him dead. 

Ben returned to the final Teräs Käsi stance and looked back towards the bed. He walked in, threw on a grey suit and grabbed the packed rucksack that laid by the door, all while the passed out women never stirred. He didn't know her name, but still felt bad for her. The arm of the syndicate would probably be here in an hour and they would most likely beat her for information. But he had a ride to catch. An archeologist looking for some extra hands....

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