July 9, 2015

Savaria: World Description

On the sun scorched plains of Savaria, burning temperatures are an everyday occurrence. Nestled between the Vast, a massive dessert to the north, and Everwave, a salt water sea to the south, life in Savaria isn't easy. Rivers and lakes now sit mostly, if not completely, dry, only taking in what they can in the ever shortening monsoon season. With rain rarely falling out side of the one and a half month monsoon season, farming has become difficult, and towns and villages will rally all they can to save their food. On top of this, the sun baked savanna is occasionally plagued by wild fires.

But all of these hardships hasn't kept people out. Savaria is home to every kind of being, forming together to make large towns and cities. A vast mountain called Chimney, and it's surrounding base of hills called The Hearth, sits in the center of Savaria and is home to many of the dwarves. Smoke rises from the extinct volcano's snow covered peaks from the dwarven forges deep in the mountain. Run off from Chimney's peak feeds down into the Hearth where many more dwarves live amongst others. 

Gladyon south east of Chimney and his home to many elves. Nestled in a canyon, this city of towers, bridges, and cliff dwellings gets it's water from wells deep in the canyon. The dwarves claim that this underground water is from the run off Chimney, causing the two to never get along completely. 

West of Chimney sits the city of Six Pillars, a mecca for most of the religious in Savaria. Here, a city of cathedrals and temples sit amongst five huge sandstone natural pillars rise off the ground, and one pillar that's been toppled over. A small lake that sits in the middle of the six pillars never seems to lower and is considered a holy site. To stop water poachers from stealing the holy water, entrance into the walled city of Six Pillars is only permitted to those who have a letter stamped by an approved priest. 

The prosperous Gullcrest is Savaria's assumed capital, south of Chimney on the coast of the Everwave sea. Home to most of Savaria's prestigious arcane universities and libraries, Gullcrest get's its water from swathes of hard working alchemists desalanizing the sea's salt water.  Gullcrest's sandstone docks are a haven for merchants, who come to purchase the exotic goods brought to them on the massive ships of the mysterious Southmen. Because wood is a rare resource for most of Savaria, Gullcrest's docks are rarely equipped with ships flying the blue and white flag of the city. It's said when a man with enough wealth builds himself a ship capable of sailing away from Savaria, he is never seen again. 

If you're on the run from the law, trying to make a quick coin, or just given up on your life, you might find yourself in Dredge. On the edge of the Vast, north east of Chimney, this make shift town of scum and dead beats. Here you can find dirty deeds, illegal goods, and a fight around every corner. With no readily available sources, holding on to what ever drink you have is a chore. Whether it's from the low lifes that make this place their home, or from the Vast tribesmen who step out of their boundaries to sack and raid. 

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