March 25, 2016

Fort: People Socks

In the middle of 2015 I decided to pick up some new socks that weren't my normal black/gray/white ones. I wanted something more fun and colorful. Well, I picked up some sporty green and orange socks from the local department store. They were okay, but they weren't exactly what I was looking for. So for Christmas, when my father in law asked me what I wanted, I told him to get me comfortable socks. What I received, were two packages of People Socks.

Found on Amazon for about $30 for 4 pairs, People Socks are billed as hiking and outdoors socks. These mostly wool socks are thick and comfortable, giving my feet the extra layer of cozy they need for the Cleveland winters. After many washes, they still are holding up just like the day they were purchased.

It took a little bit of getting used to before I was 100% comfortable wearing these. When you first put them on after wearing your everyday Hanes they feel heavy, feeling like a pair of wet socks. That was initially off putting, but after a week or two, I was all on board these. These are my go to socks when I'm at home and am not required to wear black socks.

I highly recommend these socks to anyone looking to improve their weekend comfort. These are easily going to be the best bang for your buck when it comes to increasing your comfort. High praise to my father in law for selecting these. My only hope is that they make a pair completely in black so I can wear them with my dress slacks to work.

A quick disclaimer though, I did receive these socks in the winter. I'm not sure if these will be the right socks for you in the summer. I'm also not much of a hiker, and can't vouch for their integrity after hiking miles on them. I suspect they are designed for cooler temperatures based on the "About" page on their website.

March 24, 2016

Fort Guide: An Easy Man's Guide to Comfort

I'm a man that's easily content with what I have. Laid back and easy going, I like to pinch my pennies when I can. I'm pretty utilitarian when it comes to purchasing new items, and fret any purchase over $20 most of the time. That was, until I went to Italy on my honeymoon in February of 2015.

In Europe, there didn't seem to be too much that was utilitarian. Everyone dressed fashionably, no matter what the conditions were. Us schulbby Americans stood out like a sore thumb with our bland North Face jackets and tennis shoes. So when we returned after our adventure to the old world, I vowed I would start improving my style.

But improving your style is expensive, and runs counter to what I grew up doing. Stylish clothes were expensive, and they could only do so much to improve the style of a man of generous proportions like myself. So I decided to change the target for my original goal. I was going to buy comfortable. But while doing this, I found something that surprised me. Part of your comfort, is style.

With this revelation, I charged forth into the world and started my discoveries of the stylish comfort. Clothes, tech items, foods, and daily practices of comfort. Now, a year after I started my search, I believe I've gathered enough experiences to give some advice to other guys (and gals too) who want to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. And that's were Fort Guide comes in.

Fort Guide will be a weekly article reviewing select items from my past year that I have tried to improve my comfortable lifestyle. Every Friday you can expect to find a new article detail my experiences with something and how it stacks up to the old way of living. I hope to introduce new people to great products, and I'm going to start tomorrow with something that I've only had for the past three months: People Socks.