April 14, 2016

Fort: Bose SoundLink Color Speaker

I enjoy listening to podcasts. They make the work day go by a little quicker and I can typically learn a thing or two or have a laugh. Having most of these podcasts on my iPhone meant I could listen to the in the car as well. But at the end of the work day or drive, that would be it and I would stop listening to them until the next time I got to work or into a car. I wanted to listen to podcasts when I got home, but I don't like working around the house with earbuds in. So I started looking at an Apple TV to broadcast my podcasts to the TV and speaker system, but I already had a Google Chromecast that did most of what an Apple TV did. So for the longest time, I just didn't listen to podcasts while I did house work.

Cut to a Bose store in an open air shopping mall in Virginia on December 26th, 2014. The shopping mall is crammed with people and my then fiance dip into this store and start playing around with the gadgets. That's when I first met the Bose SoundLink Color bluetooth speaker. It was expensive when compared to most of the bluetooth speakers I was looking at before this. At $130, I can't even really recommend it to people as a must have, and I was a little hesitant to look at it for too long. But that's when I hit the play button on top of it, and Daft Punk's Random Access Memories started flowing out of it, and it was incredible.

On the drive from Virginia back to Cleveland, I had multiple conversations with the fiance about the thing, and whether or not I should buy it. I knew I wanted it, and after she told me her grandmother had given us some cash for Christmas it was pretty much settled. She had purchased a set of Bose headphones while we were in Virginia and was loving them. We stopped by the local Bose store before we even got home (I also bought the Daft Punk album on iTunes as well).

The Bose SoundLink Color is a great speaker for its size and power. Its battery lasts me several hours of continuous play time. Its small enough that I can throw it in a bag or stash it anywhere in the room I'm working in. It sounds very good when playing podcasts and my general everyday music on it. Its ease of use and sound quality has impressed both my wife and her sister, which both now own one.

It's so nice to have a small portable speaker with such great sound. I know listen to podcasts and music while doing dishes or cooking while not having to blast it through my TV's sound system. I've used it in every room of my house now, and I love the thing. I don't take it outside though. The next day after buying the SoundLink Color, I visited my parents who bought a cheap bluetooth speaker. While there is a incredible difference in quality, I use the cheap Sony speaker as my garage and outside speaker.

I would highly recommend this speaker to anyone who wants to listen to high quality music while being ultra portable. Students in dorms or People in apartments will love this as they can take their music and podcast in any room they want. Bose makes some great products, and don't be fooled by other companies or reviews in which a speaker with a ton of bass is a good speaker. The Bose SoundLink Color's range is what makes it great.