June 27, 2017

Split The Party Podcast

A couple of months ago, some of my Saturday night RPG group decided to start recording our post game discussions. These round table talks at a rectangular table have been spit out to the Internet as the Split The Party Podcast, which is currently available online and on iTunes. If you're interested in any gaming and general geekery podcasts, give us a listen and be disappointed. We're still working out how to do technical things properly, but we seem to have no shortage of content.

The podcast has been a fun creative exercise that spun off from the Splitscreen Show, a video game podcast done by some high school and college friends. After converting a room in my basement into a unprofessional recording studio, and the equipment from the Splitscreen Show being left down there, it was easy enough to just start recording our Saturday night post game discussions. Both podcasts have been fun to edit (or learn to edit from) and have become a stable creativity sink for me.

I think that's really all I have time to write about, so look for me on the other site: http://splitthepartypod.com/

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