October 21, 2019

The Story of the Magic Fish

The Story of the Magic Fish

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in a place not so far away a young seafaring lad met a beautiful enchantress. The enchantress was so beautiful that to gaze upon her was to forget all else. But, when separated from the enchantress the spell began to fade. The enchantress’ mother, the Old Sorceress, knew that in order to aid the enchantress and trap the handsome young seafarer she would have to use another spell.

The Old Sorceress made plans to give the seafaring lad some magic fish that would take away his memory of his home and his previous life. So, the Old Sorceress invited the lad to come and dine with them saying “come in sailor and have some fish”. The lad ate his fill, and his memory was lost, except for thoughts of the beautiful enchantress.

The seafaring lad and the beautiful enchantress were wed and raised a family. The enchantress passed on to her children the secret of the magic fish, and the spell continued to work.

The secret of the magic fish is now being passed on the grandchildren and the great-grandchildren of the Old Sorceress. The magic fish is being prepared so often that more and more innocent lads are coming under its spell. Soon the country will be populated with nothing but love-sick lads under the spell of the magic fish.

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